Company Profile
Company Profile
A business name Avanti Co., Ltd. Avanti Corporation
The establishment 2003/02/20
President and CEO President-Director Shinya Miyashita
The main office location 1-14-12, Iriya, Evergreen 302, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0013
TEL: +81-3-5824-0331 FAX: +81-3-5824-0330
Company idea Our existence is to contribute to the business development of the clients/customers by offering a thought, the most suitable method of settlement with flexible stability to win with our clients for their management problem solution quickly.
Business purpose 1. The development of computer software, production, import and export, sales, and its administration

2. The consulting service about the computing system

3. The basic front business of ASP service such as retail, wholesale, distribution, service businesses

4. The planning, the production, the sales about computer graphics / design

5. The other duties related to above
Expertise 1.PDA and handy terminal system developments with the Windows CE/Mobile base

2.Analysis, design and development for Distribution / retail system application

3.Web system development for the existing system and the basic front duties of package software

4.Consulting and the system development of the business process by BPM
February, 2003 The Avanti Co., Ltd/Avanti Corporation establishment
September, 2003 "Cosmetics sale waiting on customers' management" development of customer information for cosmetics maker "with "Biz/Browser for PDA"
January, 2004 Point-of-sale system for mid-size apparel production retail company and customer management system trust development(ntroduced into 20 stores)
March, 2004 "Securities name/ownership change" Web system trust development for major securities firm
May, 2004 "Restaurant ordering system" trust development for Italian restaurant by " Biz/Browser for PDA" for(100 store introduction)
October, 2004 "Expense adjustment ASP" system development for mid-size international certified accounting firm / operative duties trust(from April, 2005 and still on going: 500 users)
November, 2004 "Studio administration system" development consulting for major photography and recording company, the system development is given in trust afterwards.
April, 2005 "Basic database integration" consulting for a large DPE company
July, 2005 "Inventory control system" development for a large DPE company
March, 2006 "Personnel, accounting, inventory and sales task front desk for 1500 stores" trust development based on Avanti system base for a large DPE company
May, 2006 Comprehensive tie-up bushiness with Japan SYSTECH Company and Windows CE product-related system development support
October, 2006 "Bar code shipment inspection system" trust development for major tire maker
December, 2006 "Warehouse management system for handy processing department" trust development for import goods wholesale & retailing company
March, 2007 "WMS open systematization" trust development for major distribution company
May, 2007 "Cosmetics salesperson W-ZERO3 ordering system" ASP service trust for cosmetic company