Development base/results

Avanti develops computer systems for client needs with Windows CE/Mobile skillfully and it has been providing development especially of ordering, inventory control systems for numbers of clients.

C, C++, VC, VC++, eVC++, EVC, C#, VB, .net, ASP, Java, PHP, COBOL, Biz/Browser, RFGen

The field of Windows CE/Mobile

  • The mobile order ring system of the Italian restaurant chain store (Wireless LAN)
  • The cooking ingredient ordering system of the restaurants (PHS)
  • Production instructions of ink makers / a system of administration (Wireless LAN)
  • The route sales order input system (PHS) of the chemical products
  • A rental system of studio photography /recording machines for administration (Wireless LAN)
  • Incoming & outgoing inventory work system for a distribution warehouse administration (Wireless LAN)
  • A valve maker ordering system (PHS)
  • Cosmetics factory shipment inspection system (Bluetooth)
  • PC server product inspection and the shipment system (Wireless LAN)
  • "Cosmetics sale waiting on customers' management for cosmetics maker" system which used Biz/Browser for PDA (Wireless LAN)
  • Bar code shipment inspection system trust development for a major tire maker (Wireless LAN)
  • "Warehouse management system for handy processing department" trust development for import goods wholesale & retailing company (Wireless LAN)
  • "WMS open systematization" trust development for a major distribution company (Wireless LAN)
  • "Cosmetics salesperson W-ZERO3 ordering system" ASP service for a cosmetic company on consignment (PHS)

Basic front duties into Web base

  • Point-of-sale system for mid-size apparel production retail company and customer management system trust development(introduced into 20 stores)
  • "Securities and stocks name/ownership change" Web system trust development for a major securities firm
  • "Expense adjustment ASP" system development for mid-size international certified accounting firm / operative duties trust(from April, 2005 and still on going: 500 users)
  • Consultation and the system development of "Studio administration" for a major photography/recording company.
  • "Basic database integration" consulting for a major DPE company
  • "Inventory control system" development for a major DPE company
  • "Personnel, accounting, inventory and sales task front desk" (for 800 shops/4,000users) trust development based on Avanti system base for a major DPE company